Waveshield + sensors

In Uncategorized on March 17, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Soldering the waveshield components & the amplifier

Setup of the waveshield & sensors

This week we worked on soldering the waveshield and amplifier components. Once that was done, we decided to take our waveshield for a test-drive using one of our initial experiments with the range-finder. By using some of the sounds from the OLPC music library (there’s tons of wav files of different instruments there), we added some of them to the SD card and we able to successfull play different wav files depending on the distance recorded on the range finder sensor. For instance, if our hand was brought very close to the range-finder sensor, then it would play a low piano sound, whereas if the hand was far from the sensor, it would play a higher note.

We then proceeded to add photo-sensors to our circuit and make them act like drums for the outer side of the smaller arch in our module. This was also completed successfully!

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