Universal Design Matrix – Play Structure

In design rules, universal design matrix on February 27, 2010 at 10:43 pm
Universal Design Matrix – Play Structure
Physical Design Structure
Universal Principles High Medium Low
Equitable Use Wheelchair accessible, gentle slopes and sound system allow visual and physically impaired people.
Flexibility in Use Some people can play with sound, others can engage physical, others can just simply relax.
Simple & Intuitive Space Symbols located with notes. Function becomes apparent visually.
Perceptible Info Symbols located with notes. Function becomes apparent visually.
Tolerance for Error No inappropriate uses so no problems.
Low Physical Effort Minimal to no physical effort.
Size & Space for Approach & Use Different spaces for different sized people, handicap accessible. Experience is similar for disabled
Physical Design Structure
Norman’s Principles High Medium Low
Visibility Apparent upon observation.
Constraints Surface not climbable.
Consistency Similar shapes communicate function.
Interactive Component
High Medium Low
Visibility Form implies use, discovery on exploration.
Feedback Audio feedback occurs.
Mapping Positioned according to pitch.
Consistency Consistent indicators for sound.
Affordance Tactile feedback.

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