Physical Interfaces in Electronic Arts- Bongers

In Readings, Week 2 Readings on January 27, 2010 at 5:40 pm

,In Physical Interfaces in Electronic Arts, Bongers talks about a couple different ways of interaction between electronics and the audience. He speaks more about audio than other systems, but it can be translated to all electronics. Bongers goes on to talk about about three different ways of interactions in music. The first is a system interaction which is a musician playing his instrument. The second interaction is a system-audience which is an installation art. Lastly, we have a performer-system-audience interaction which makes it a two way process between performer and audience, through the system.

In chapter 2, Bongers talks more about the mechanics of digital sound and different sensing technologies and how human output is the starting point for information. Some examples of human output are muscle action, blowing, voice, blood pressure, and heart rate. Two muscle actions that Bongers talks about are isometric(pressure sensors and switches) or movement(displacement).

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