First Meeting

In Group Project, Meeting Notes on January 20, 2010 at 2:52 am

For our first meeting we got everyone up to date on the type of project we were working on, and what everyone’s area of expertise was. We also spent a lot of time just getting to know each other. Only two members were in the first class so a lot of time was dedicated to this.

We came up with our team name – NanosaurusRex – after a short discussion, and divvied up assignment responsibilities for the week.

Gabriel would set up the blog for us to use.
Jerry would write the first record of team notes.
Deepak offered to do the reading writeups this week.

We also discussed when everyone would be able to meet, and we decided Monday afternoon would be best (after ~1:30 pm).

Lastly, we also spent some time discussing ideas for the designs. One included weight-sensitive tiles that would trigger water spurts with strength relative to the weight on the tile. Another idea was perhaps a play space involving again tiles but for purposes of a game like chess. A point of emphasis we tried to make is to make a space for both adults and children to play. This makes it so that if a family comes, one party is not waiting on the other (and thus possibly shortening the length of play).

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